Room Zero launches innovative AUM & Flow System

Room Zero, an exciting new provider of specialist software to the asset management industry, is supporting GAM Investments in meeting all its needs for Assets Under Management (AUM) & Flow information from across the entire firm with a single, golden source dataset. 

Room Zero’s cloud-based software stems from the need to join up the datasets springing from the worlds of Finance and Distribution (Sales & Marketing). AUM & Flow information is located in these two distinct departments within most firms and while there is common overlap between the datasets, there is usually no effective join.

Richard Warrington, co-founder at Room Zero Solutions: 

“Distribution teams within the industry are suffering from a lack of visibility across their client assets. It makes it very hard for asset managers to know who their underlying clients are – or who is investing in which products. Asset managers that operate in heavily intermediated markets suffer the most from this situation.”

Room Zero AUM is an off-the-shelf solution to this industry-wide problem, so that within any asset management firm both Finance and Distribution can utilise one single set of results, thereby removing the need to manage this data in silos across the business.

GAM Investments is an active, independent global asset manager headquartered in Zurich. Its five year-contract with Room Zero stemmed from a competitive Proof of Concept selection process. The initial phase of the implementation is already live and meeting the needs of AUM & Flow data consumers globally – within Finance, Distribution, and other touchpoints across the organisation.

Jill Barber, Global Head of Institutional Solutions at GAM and a co-sponsor of the project said:

“Deploying Room Zero AUM has given our distribution teams greater visibility across all client assets through the highly customisable dashboards. The system also provides our finance team with the robust data needed for our financial reporting and delivers a more efficient process for generating our AUM & Flow output.  An added benefit is that Room Zero AUM has enabled us to simplify our IT architecture, enabling us to decommission legacy inhouse systems.”