Room Zero AUM

At Room Zero, we believe that integrating core front, middle and back office systems to the ‘side’ (into Finance and Distribution processes) is the only way to deliver accurate Revenue and Profitability metrics.

The DNA of many years’ consulting work in this area has therefore now been distilled into our own product, Room Zero AUM.

With the right design, fund managers can meet all the needs for AUM from across the firm with a single, golden source dataset. We therefore remove double-counting in AUM.

This is a workflow tool that will calculate monthly AUM & Flow numbers for Finance and then at each period end produce those numbers for external consumption.

Room Zero AUM also links and cuts the data at the most granular level for other parts of the business, including Distribution. In this way our software becomes an asset manager solution, not just a Finance solution.

In order to explain this ground-breaking area of investment management technology, we have had to create a new but simple terminology.

The keys to success

Only Room Zero AUM provides the single, golden copy output that you need to join Distribution and Finance together.

This Group AUM calculator is self-sustaining and incorporates both data lineage (for every datapoint in your golden copy, we keep a ‘breadcrumb’ of the data sources) and calculation lineage (so that for all of the calculations that have been applied at each stage, we keep a record of the formulae or business logic).

It’s the dataset that brings Finance and Distribution together. Room Zero AUM is the perfect data analysis software for asset management.

Our product

Room Zero AUM is a standalone product – not part of a large, multi-year commitment. The product contains a sophisticated calculation engine that delivers a golden source dataset for the entire firm to utilise. Our hosted system is easily integrated, scalable and secure.

Room Zero AUM – the Cloud Solution for AUM & Flow

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